For Maggie Kearns, faith plays a big role in how she lives her life every day.

“It really has taught me the basis of respect and treating others with kindness,” Kearns explains. “That is how I live. I try and cheer people up and be a light to others. It drives how I treat other people with respect.”

The Marian High School senior and St. Joseph South Bend parishioner is our first Student of the Month for the new school year. Redeemer Radio’s Student of the month, presented by St. Joseph Health System, recognizes Michiana high school seniors who excel in the classroom, show a strong Catholic faith, and are involved in extracurricular activities at school or in the community.

Kearns is extremely active at Marian. She’s captain of the soccer and track teams, President of the Senior Class, Spirit Night Dance captain, a member of the Right to Life Club and was recently named homecoming queen. She does all that while boasting a 4.6 GPA.

“Academics are very important to me,” Kearns explains. “Not sure if it comes from my parents or my sisters but it’s always been important that I succeed in school, that way I can go to college and better impact the world through education.”

Maggie says she loves math and science and lists calculus, statistics, biology and chemistry as her favorite classes. She plans to study pre-med or nursing in college.

“I love the challenging rigor of curriculum that would come with either of those options. I want to be able to give back to our community and give back to others and help others who need it.”

As President of the Senior Class, Maggie says she likes to lead by example and be there for everyone when they need her. A top notch athlete as well, Maggie currently has the girls soccer team in sectionals.

“I cannot say enough of how proud I am to be a part of this team,” Maggie said. “It is really an amazing group of girls and we’re so talented this year and play as a team, play together and just have fun. I think it will go well. I’m really honored to be captain of this group because it really is such a talented group of people. I just hope we can stay together, stay united during this journey.”

Maggie was recently named Homecoming Queen and she said that it was a lot of fun and a great experience especially because she is really good friends with the Homecoming King Gregory Rice. In the spring, she will turn her attention to track as well as being a dance captain for Marian’s big school social event, Spirit Night.

“I first participated in Spirit Night my freshman year and I just loved getting to know people I never got to know before,” Kearns says. “It really brings people together from different sports, different classes. The energy on spirit night is just insane. It’s so cool to see the school come together like that.”

Maggie is a member of Marian’s Right to Life Group and she attended the Right to Life March in Washington D.C. as a freshman.

“The experience of going to DC was very cool,” she says. “Unfortunately it was cut short due to weather. The Right to Life movement is something that goes on all year long and shouldn’t just culminate with the Right to Life March. Respecting and protecting the life of the unborn and all people is really important in how we live.”

Maggie says her Catholic faith has always played a big role in her life.

“I’m really blessed to have grandparents and parents with such a strong Catholic identity,” she says. “They taught me by example how to be Catholic and how to treat others with kindness and respect. I really have an amazing example set by them. They’ve introduced me to the faith and the reason I’m here today. My grandparents especially have given back to the community in so many ways. Seeing the service has inspired me too. When they volunteer, sometimes I will go with them and if I’m not with them, I will go on my own. They’ve really introduced me to community service.”

Maggie is Eucharistic Minister at her home parish, St. Joseph South Bend. It’s something she’s done since Confirmation.

“It connects you deeper to the Mass,” she says. “We love St. Joe. We love the priests there. The homilies are so great and are so intuitive and they are really able to connect with the parishioners. We also love our fellow parishioners. We’ve had a really great experience there.”

When nominating Maggie for Student of the Month, Marian Dean of Students Ryan Dainty wrote, “Identified by those who nominated her as a model student, responsible, thoughtful, and a class act, Maggie is an all around wonderful student and person. Some people deserve recognition because they might otherwise fly under the radar and escape notice. Maggie deserves recognition because there is simply so much good we can keep and want to keep recognizing.”

Maggie says she’s honored and humbled to be nominated by her school.

“It’s really special. I’ve had a great experience here at Marian. I’m lucky to have accomplished so much. It’s because of my peers and my teachers who have pushed me. I’ve loved it. From soccer to track to spirit night, all the activities in between. It really is a community that will support you and build you up and especially with Covid and I know a lot of people were struggling and Marian did their best to promote the well being of students and I’m so so blessed to be a student here.”

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Congratulations Maggie!