What is Spoke Street Media?

In November of 2019, some of the Redeemer Radio staff spent three days praying, brainstorming, and discerning God’s call for the organization. This was done with help from JM Boyd (Glass Canvas) and Cory Heimann (Likable Art).

By the end of that time, our mission was clear:
“We amplify the voice of the Creator by fostering content that invites.”

Allow us to break that down:

  • … amplify the voice of the Creator …
    We want to share the voice of God, THE Creator, but also, small-c creator, as in the podcasters and other voices that are creating great content. We want to get their message out to more people, and help them improve the quality and content.
  • … by fostering …
    We don’t always create the content; we are often nourishing what others have created.
  • … content that invites …
    So much media has become divisive, me vs. you, us vs. them, angry, attacking, condemning, or being more Democrat/Republican than Catholic. We want to rise above this and help people feel welcomed and loved, not just in the shows, but in the Catholic Church. You belong!

In an effort to shift the target audience to a younger demographic – one that might not be searching for Catholic content, and one leaving the church or not identifying as Catholic at all – we realized this required huge changes. The shift was so great that we couldn’t just pivot Redeemer Radio (as our target audience doesn’t listen to radio, nor think they need a Redeemer), we had to start a new organization/brand.

Introducing Spoke Street Media

Spoke Street is an international podcast network and media company, creating and curating the best Catholic content. We especially focus on four things:

  • Belonging Comes First: When people haven’t encountered Catholic media that ensures they belong, they assume it does not exist, and they avoid content with the name “Catholic.”     Belong > Believe > Behave
  • Journey With: We encourage a ‘new apologetics’ which prioritizes relationships before instruction. We share authentic stories through a Catholic lens and foster relationships between listeners and the Creator.
  • One can’t give what one doesn’t have: We cultivate a team guided by the Holy Spirit in order to spread the Spirit and actively allow Christ to fulfill our own longings

Don’t settle for OK: We are seeking and sharing the true, good, and beautiful. Our shows might not be perfect, but just good, isn’t enough. The message and audience deserve great. We won’t become stagnant, and we’re willing to take risks and try something different.

Want to know more? Have questions? Please reach out, or visit us at spokestreet.com!