Warsaw High School senior and Sacred Heart parishioner Marie Frazzetta is our Redeemer Radio 95.7FM Student of the Month for March, brought to you by Ben’s Soft Pretzels. The Redeemer Radio Student of the month recognizes high school seniors who excel in the classroom, show a strong Catholic faith and are involved in extracurricular activities.

Marie comes from a strong Catholic family starting with her grandparents and parents and has three older sisters that have been role models in their faith.

“My sisters were very much very involved with youth group and even now, they’ve moved away, but they’ve become part of their own Catholic community and they’ve become very involved in it and it’s just been cool to see them grow up the same way that I did and see them, how they have kept going with that faith as they’ve moved away from home,” Marie explains.

Marie is involved with many extracurricular activities at Warsaw High School including National Honor Society, Octagon Club, Business Professionals of America, tennis and golf.

She shared with us a special story about how her faith plays a role in her life while golfing.

“I’ve never really told anyone this,” Marie admitted. “Golf is a very individual sport and you’re by yourself and sometimes if I’m walking along the course and I’m not supposed to talk to my parents or anyone except for my competitors. But sometimes, I imagine that—this is kind of cheesy–but that God is walking next to me and he is keeping me company. I just think that that’s fun because it’s something to keep my mind occupied and to help me not think about if I had a bad shot or anything.”

Marie says she’s enjoyed her experience at Warsaw High School but admits it was a big adjustment considering it is one of the biggest high schools in all of Michiana and grade school at Sacred Heart was very small.

Marie she really loved her teachers at Sacred Heart too and growing in her faith there.

While Marie has never thought of herself as a teacher, she fills the role once a month on Sundays at Sacred Heart and she loves doing it especially with the 5th and 6th graders. One of her favorite things to do with the students, is the Saint of the Month and Marie really gets into it.

“I was noticing that they just weren’t paying attention as much. And I was like, what can I do to help these kids engage in the activity. I started acting out the saint’s lives and I would, I kid you not, I have people that can attest for me and say I was rolling on the floor. I was running around the classroom, just trying to portray this saint’s life. It was really cool to see how they started paying attention to that which obviously if you saw a teenage girl rolling around on the floor, you’d probably pay attention to it. But it was just really cool to see how they kind of perked up and they were like, ‘oh, whoa, that actually happened.’ And then our youth leader, her name’s Kathy Smith. She came in and she complimented me on that and she thought it was cool how I did that because she said that those kids are going to remember not only what I did, but they’re going to remember that story and they’re going be able to tell their friends. And I was like, ‘okay, that feels kind of good that I did that.’”

Marie is also involved in youth group at Sacred Heart. Her small group is all girls. She says every once in a while, Fr. Jonathan will pop in to check on them and he even recently made them pancakes but it’s mostly just girls and their two leaders, who are also women.

“It’s nice to have that small group where we’ll sit and just talk,” Marie explains. “And we do this thing where we go over highs and lows of the week. And then there will be other times where we’ll go over specific videos. One time we made rosary bracelets, which was really cool. Oh my gosh, that was, really fun to make those. And I wasn’t very good at it but one of our leaders, her name is Billy and she, she ended up making a couple and I was like, ‘can I just have one because I can’t make my own.’ And she was like, ‘oh yeah, you’re fine.’ And I ended up wearing it. I actually have it up in my room and I wear it sometimes. I would wear it during golf matches if I was feeling anxious and stuff and I would look down at it and I would just always remember, ‘okay, just be calm.’ But it is really nice to just have that group of girls that I get to see every Sunday. And I know that they’re just there to be a good group to talk to and it’s really nice to have girls that are the same faith as you and have the same values as you.”

Marie also holds a 3.96 GPA at Warsaw. It is something she’s worked towards since sophomore year when she realized she needed a high GPA to get into the Kelly School of Business at IU Bloomington to pursue a marketing degree.

“My GPA then was to the point where I was like, ‘okay, I really need to get my GPA up if I want to go to this school,” Marie remembers thinking. “And I really wanted to go to that school. So throughout the rest of my sophomore year and my junior year, I was really busting my butt, trying to get those grades that I needed. And for some subjects it was pretty easy. But then for other subjects, it was really hard to keep that grade point average up–especially math.”

The great news is that Marie got the grades where they needed to be and she will be headed to Indiana University in the fall to study marketing.

She says she would like to give a shoutout to her parents, Fr. Jonathan and her youth leader, Katie Owens.

“I very much like to shout her out because she came a couple years ago and she just has made everything just so much smoother and she’s been a great resource for me when it comes to my faith,” Marie says of Owens. “I very much appreciate that when especially if I’m struggling and I just need someone to talk to, she seems to always be there. She’s also really goofy so she’s just a fun person to be around.”

Marie will receive a $25 gift card from Ben’s Soft Pretzels.

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Congratulations Marie!