Bishop Rhoades talks about the Feast of St. Joseph, the Worker (May 1). Hear more about the feast’s relatively recent history as well as how Saint Joseph provides a model for husbands and fathers.

Then it’s on to this Sunday’s Gospel reading which tells us the story of the risen Jesus appearing to His disciples and calling them to become fishers of men.

– 29:54 – When you die and go to your respective place, do you know if the people that have passed before you are in heaven, hell, or purgatory?
– 30:55 – I have preconceived ideas/beliefs about the so-called rituals that Catholics practice. I don’t know if I can ever overcome that. Why do I need to convert if I believe in Christ?
– 34:15 – I’ve heard of a parish (outside the Diocese) that didn’t want to baptize an infant in the Lenten season. Should infants be baptized during Lent? If not, why?
– 35:45 – Would the Church object to a same sex couple in a chase, committed, long-term relationship adopting children? If so, why?
– 37:19 – Did Mary understand her own sinlessness? How might she have understood herself in that respect?
– 38:56 – How do we discuss the sexual abuse crisis with those who have left or are considering leaving the Church because of it?
– 43:18 – What book are you currently reading or would recommend?

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