Bishop offers his reflections and insight on the upcoming Palm Sunday Mass. Including why everyone receives blessed palms and how the story of Christ’s Passion, which is read at the Palm Sunday Mass, is a revelation of God’s mercy.

Then it’s on to another especially important event the Catholic Church will soon celebrate, the Chrism Mass. Bishop breaks down the symbolism of the blessing of the oils and the consecration of the chrism.

– 29:35 – Is the USCCB considering “sanctioning” any public officials (i.e. Andrew Cuomo or Nancy Pelosi) regarding their legislative support of abortion “rights?”
– 34:16 – I understand priests’ ability to forgive sins. However, Christ also gave the power to “retain” sins. When, why, and how is this done?
– 35:58 – What kind of qualifications should one have to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion?
– 38:12 – At Mass, we hear “The Lord be with you” and we respond “and with your spirit.” Is it just a greeting or does it mean more? Can you help me understand this exchange better?
– 39:46 – I noticed many of my brothers in Christ wear a Rosary around their necks as a reminder to pray for one another. Is it wrong for me to do similarly in solidarity with my brothers?
– 40:50 – What is the best way to pray the entire Rosary daily?

March 28, 2018 – Holy Week Episode – Askbishop – 2018-march-28

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