On this week’s episode of Truth in Charity, Bishop reflects upon the woman caught in adultery as told in the Gospel of St. John. Our Bishop puts the story into historical context and then describes the scene as the Pharisees and Scribes try to test Jesus.

Catholic Word of the Week – pyx

– 20:25 – What happened to the mother of John the Baptist after he left for his calling?
– 21:05 – I have a devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows. When Joseph of Arimathea came to Mary to ask permission to take the body of Jesus, how would he have addressed her? How would he have approached her at such a moment when she was holding her Son?
– 26:47 – As sensory oriented creatures, the use of incense, bells, etc. can help orient us to God. The use has dwindled. how can we bring its use back?
– 32:55 – Can you please give a brief overview of the interior life and what it means? Thank you.
– 39:53 – How do you decide when to wear your cassock vs. your suit/pants?

Rekindle the Fire Q&A – Askbishop – 2019-march-13
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