As we celebrate National Marriage Week and St. Valentine’s Day, this week’s episode of Truth in Charity focuses on the mystery of marriage. Bishop Rhoades offers guidance for couples on things like: the importance of recalling one’s wedding day, being open to God’s grace, the definition of true sacrificial love, as well as why forgiveness and apologies are essential for a successful marriage.

Bishop then offers the insights of St. Pope John Paul II and other saints on what makes a marriage special and long-lasting.

– 26:13 – Our sacramental marriage validation is set for a Saturday in February, before my baptism at Easter vigil. If we cannot truly impart the sacrament of marriage upon each other until I am baptized, what makes the validation ceremony more than a sacramental marriage in appearance alone?
– 28:45 – Why can a Mass not be celebrated at our validation ceremony?
– 29:18 – Please explain how baptism of desire might apply to my life before I am baptized. I have been told I am a creature of God, but not a daughter of God.
– 32:02 – I was wondering if you could explain the origin of tapping your chest during the consecration and whether or not words are meant to be spoken during this time as well?
– 36:22 – Can you tell me whether or not you know if homeschooling in your diocese are able to play on their parochial school sport teams?
– 37:50 – Will there be food in heaven?

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