On this episode, Bishop Rhoades talks about the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., what we can learn from his heroic life dedicated to upholding the dignity of every human person and the work that’s still left to do.

Then it’s on to the biblical figure of Melchizedek and his connection to Christ.

– 24:08 – Why do some diocese allow priests to wear street clothes? Also, could it be for their protection against prejudice?
– 26:25 – Are people supposed to always be present with the Eucharistic Jesus during perpetual Adoration?
– 28:20 – Your Excellency, could you please let me know what is your position regarding canon 915? Could you please also let me know if there is any fraternal correction from your side to those bishops who knowingly disobey canon 915?
– 35:10 – Why do most people come into the Church at the Easter vigil but some on other feast days? I periodically will hear of someone whose conversion anniversary is some feast day other than Easter, but I always wonder why some people get to come in early/outside the regular RCIA process.
– 36:40 – Why don’t baptism and confirmation happen at the same time?
– 37:48 – What was your hardest subject in school? Was there a class you really didn’t like?
– 48:42 – What are some guidelines we should use when choosing media like movies and TV shows? Are there some that are inappropriate even for adults?
– 40:16 – What’s your favorite secular and religious movies?
– 42:30 -If you had to pick a favorite between the two Catholic high schools in the South Bend area, which one would it be? Here’s a hint…. Go Knights….

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