Bishop reflects upon the birth of Christ…including the humility of Mary, the meaning of Jesus placed in a manger, and how His birth was a quiet sign of love and mercy filled with the power of God. Then, Bishop answers questions submitted by listeners on topics like why priests wear black with a white collar and advice for evangelizing in the workplace.

– 32:12 – Why do priests wear black with a white collar? Why does a priest wear a white alb during Mass?
– 36:05 – Are Catholics only supposed to be buried in Catholic cemeteries or can they be laid to rest in non-consecrated ground, such as in a city or town cemetery?
– 37:10 – What is your recommendation on wearing coats during the cold months at Mass?
– 38:35 – Does Bishop have any advice for people who work in a corporate office who are seeking to evangelize coworkers? Technically it’s not allowed… So it would have to be pretty subtle.
– 40:50 – I feel that catechesis for adults is incredibly important… What kinds of programs is the diocese looking to add?
– 43:00 – Do you have a favorite type of music? Do you have a favorite song?

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