Listener Questions:
– What is your favorite food?
– Which of your family is Greek
– Does my Guardia Angel hear my prayer request, when I ask it in my mind, or do I need to express out loud?
– If you could witness firsthand any of the mysteries of the rosary, which would it be?
– What advice do you have for people who might find their minds wandering during Mass?
– Why did God change Saul’s name to Paul?
– Do Bishops ever get annual performance reviews?
– If someone hasn’t gone to Confession in many years, how can we encourage them to take the leap to receive the mercy and joy Jesus has waiting for them if they just ask?
– Did you play sports as a child?
– Do you think that Priest celibacy will ever change?
– How and When did you discern your vacation?
– What can I say to people who have a hard time believing in God because they see so much suffering in the world?
– Is it nerve-wracking to be in front of people?
– Why did they kill Jesus?
– What is your favorite flavor of gum?
– Does Bishop know any jokes?

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