Bishop Rhoades explains one of the more common teaching tools Jesus uses in the Gospels: parables. Hear more about how they were useful back then and how storytelling can still be useful today. Bishop Rhoades then offers his reflections upon one of his favorite Bible stories: the parable of the Prodigal Son. He talks about the lessons we can learn from the younger son’s conversion, the father’s joyful forgiveness, and the older son’s need to love his brother.

Afterwards, it’s on to the importance of reaching out and building bridges with other faiths in a respectful yet uncompromising way,
including the fruits of positive dialogues and the call to Christian unity.

Listener Questions:
– How do you balance giving everything to, and for, God, and family obligation?
– Did the Catholic Church order heretics be killed?
– What advise do you have for people who might find their minds wandering during Mass?
– Anointing of the sick – I thought that it was reserved for people who were about to have major surgery or close to death, but it sounds like it could be appropriate for anyone suffering from a chronic illness, is that accurate?
– What is the difference between anointing of the sick and last rites?
– Do Bishops ever get an annual performance review?

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