Bishop Rhoades reflects upon the past 45 years since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in our country, including ways we can remember the tragic decision while remaining hopeful, staying politically active, and witnessing to life.

Then he’ll talk about the upcoming Feast of St. Anthony, the abbott…a hermit who is known as the spiritual father of monasticism.

Afterwards, since Bishop Rhoades will soon be attending a Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy at Notre Dame, he’ll talk about the Eastern Catholic Churches and how the diversity within the universal Catholic Church can bring richness and joy.

Then it’s on to the upcoming Catholic Radio Sunday and ways we can support Catholic radio in our diocese.

Listener Questions:
– Can I receive communion if I am remarried and have not received an annulment from my first marriage?
– Has Bishop ever thought about a Catholic Trivia game similar to Cupertino Classic?

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