Bishop Rhoades talks about the soon-to-be-launched program for NEW permanent deacons in our Diocese. Then it’s on to the Epiphany (👑👑👑) and the various times God has revealed Himself through History.

Afterwards, Bishop talks about the Feast days we celebrate this first-week of 2018.

Bishop and Kyle then talk about different cultural traditions for celebrating the days right before Christmas.

Listener Questions:
– Mother Seaton is one of my close friends among the Saints, and was instrumental in my vocation, do you have any special stories of how she has interceded for you?
– How does the Bishop choose the seminaries where the seminarians’ study?
– If someone was baptized by a Catholic Priest as an infant, but received no further sacraments, and is going through RCIA 40 years later can they initiate their request for an annulment before they have made their first confession and communion?
The Epiphany always makes me think about incense, who gets to decide what scent is used?

Kyle then settling a bet from the Cupertino Classic and sings a song on his ukulele.

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