As the Advent season wraps up, it’s time for the “O Antiphons.” On this episode, hear Bishop talk about these poetic prayers used as Christmas approaches. Each one begins with a different title for the Messiah, and each one proclaims the coming of Christ as the fulfillment of Old Testatment prophecies. As an added bonus, Bishop gives us a sneak peek into the new translation of the “O Antiphons” which are closer to the original Latin.
Listener-submitted questions:
  • Is the “no room at the inn” an historical truth or a metaphor?
  • Gold, frankincense, myrrh, drum solo…what would you have taken as a gift for baby Jesus?
  • What’s your favorite Advent hymn? Favorite Christmas carol?
  • What’s the best Christmas gift you have ever received? What’s the best gift you’ve given?

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