Advent has begun, and on this week’s episode, Bishop breaks down this Sunday’s readings. Hear Bishop talk about how the first reading from Isaiah and the Gospel reading from Mark remind us of our call to conversion. Then listener-submitted questions:

  • It appears as if a COVID vaccine should be available fairly soon. One probelm for Catholics, however, is that several of the vaccine candidates have been produced using embryonic stem cell lines. Should we as Catholics decline to receive a vaccine that has been derived from an embryonic stem cell line and wait for a candidate that has been derived from other sources? Or does the societal good from receiving such a vaccine outweigh the problematic source the vaccine has been derived from?
  • Bishop James Conley recently opened up about his mental health recovery. Prior to him sharing his struggle, were anxiety and depression something that the US Bishops have been attentive to?
  • Is there a good book on the life of Pope Saint John Paul II?
  • If you were to write your autobiography, what would be its title?

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