Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary but did you know it was originally called the Feast of Our Lady of Victory? All because of the Battle of Lepanto. Hear Bishop break it down on this episode…it involves the legendary Don Juan leading troops and more than 400 warships including rowing vessels. It was pretty epic. Then it’s on to a lesser known saint whose feast day we celebrate this week…he happens to be the patron saint of pharmacists.
And the show wraps up with listener-submitted questions on returning to Mass, holy water, and Bishop’s favorite Bible translation.

Listener-submitted questions:

• If someone has been going to Mass weekly since Mass restarted due to COVID and would happen to miss one, is that person still dispensed from attending Mass at this time? In other words, if we feel we don’t need the dispensation because we are healthy and willing to do other public things, is missing Mass a sin?
• If someone gets holy water from Church and uses most of it, then adds water to it….is it still holy water?
• Is La Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City the Co-Cathedral of Mexico City?
• I am studying the “New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism” in school. In Lesson 5, it states that Adam and Eve were the first man and first woman and that they were the first parents of the whole human race. How is that possible? Did Eve have girls too? And more boys? If so, did they then marry each other?
• Where will Bishop be buried?
• What is your favorite Bible translation? Or is there one you recommend?
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