This week, it’s the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard…this Sunday’s Gospel reading. It’s a case of one worker working a full day and getting a full day’s wage. And another worker who gets hired at the last minute and works just one hour… but also gets paid for a full day. This prompts the natural reaction of “but that’s not fair!” Hear Bishop break down this parable, the difference between justice and generosity, and what Jesus meant when he said “the last will be first and the first will be last.” Then it’s on to two friends from the 3rd century who are now saints…Saint Cornelius and Saint Cyprian. The show wraps up with Bishop answering questions from listeners on intrinsic evils, giving up meat on Fridays, and priests wearing jeans.

Listener-submitted questions:

• On a previous episode about voting, you said we shouldn’t vote for candidates who support intrinsically evil acts like abortion and racism. What are other intrinsically evil acts?

• Thank you for taking time to do this show, I learn so much from it and appreciate being able to hear from my Bishop. My question is about giving up meat on Fridays. My understanding is that although the practice isn’t as common, we are still supposed to give up meat on Fridays, or do another act of sacrifice or fasting in its place. I also understand that you need not do this on major feast days, like the Friday in the Easter octave. What other feast days would allow the suspension of a Friday fast? It seems like there is a Saint’s feast day every day. Thanks for allowing us to ask you questions like this!

• Would you allow a priest in your diocese to offer the Mass in blue jeans and white tennis shoes under his vestments and if so why? Also, if you would not ; why do some bishops allow this? I have been told that priests in the south ( where I currently live ) have been attacked when wearing the collar and this is why some do not. I was just hoping you could give some thought to this. I like to see a priest want to wear the collar and dress the way we are all supposed to for Mass, but I also don’t want to feel like I am judging him either. We have a new priest dressing like this and this is not what I was used to when I was younger with Fr. Mark Gurtner, who seemed to be a traditional priest that I like to look up to. I am a freshman in high school and feel confused. Thank you and God Bless
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