This week, Bishop talks about two saints whose feast days we recently celebrated….St. Clare and St. Dominic. Then it’s on to what’s happening in Nigeria…how the persecution of Christians there remains rampant but through it all, the Church remains vibrant. Then, closer to home, the political and social crisis in Venezuala. Hear how we can help those being persecuted in both countries.


• Continuing last week’s question from Tom Ryan. This week, Bishop answers the part about Nigeria. The original question:
“I’m hearing rumors of increased incidents of vandalism of Catholic Churches through out the country and genocide of Christians in Nigeria. I’m not hearing reports though in the national mainstream media. Can you comment please on what you know to be factual both here on Truth and Charity and maybe in Today’s Catholic?

I feel we are blessed to have you as our bishop.
God bless
• What are your thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement?
• What are the differences in the positions of pastor, administrator, and parochial vicar?
• I have been listening to Fr. John Riccardo’s podcast called “You Were Born For This.” It focuses on ways to re-imagine parishes through things like having multiple priests serve multiple parishes to better serve their charisms. What are your thoughts on implementing something like this in our diocese?
• Why did Jesus pick Judas as a disciple? Did he know Judas would betray him?
• Have you been to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo?
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