There have been several recent Supreme Court decisions that involve the Catholic faith and our religious institutions. Some were good news and some were bad news. We covered two of those decisions on the June 24th episode, but this week Bishop breaks down the rest. ….the decisions covered abortion, contraception coverage offered by employers, Catholic schools, and Blaine Amendments. The show wraps up with Bishop answering questions submitted from listeners on giving our time, talent, and treasure plus a Catholic response to anxiety, whether or not we should capitalize pronouns for God, and more.

Listener-submitted questions:

As I think about how to best give my time, talent, and treasure, I wonder whether it’s best to give a little to a lot of people…where your investment may not make much of a meaningful/lifelong impact, but you make small positive impacts on lots of people….or instead, perhaps invest more into a single person, perhaps as a long term mentor, where you could make a meaningful and eternal impact.I realize it’s probably another example of not “either or,” but “both and” but would appreciate your thoughts and comments on this.We appreciate you and all you do for our Diocese!

When I use pronouns for God like he or him or his I capitalize the “H.” But I noticed my Bible does not capitalize pronouns for God. What should I do?
Is there a Catholic response to worry and anxiety?

Are there degrees or programs you would recommend for those in a professional evangelization role?

What is your favorite beach?


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