On this episode, Bishop and Kyle talk about an important but sometimes overlooked vocation…those who live a life of consecration to God. What are the different forms of this vocation? How do they work? Hear Bishop explain and give examples from right here in our Diocese. Then…is it ever appropriate for a priest or deacon to address current events in a homily? And the show wraps up with Bishop answering listener-submitted questions on why the Eucharist has to be unleavened bread and more.

Listener-submitted questions:
Why does the Eucharist have to be unleavened bread? Why wine and not grape juice or orange juice?
What are the pros and cons of having a hyphenated diocese? Why not just one Cathedral?
How does Bishop determine when and how he will release a statement?
I hear people talking about scrupulosity. What does it mean to be religiously scrupulous and is it a good thing or bad?


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