You’re probably familiar with the images…the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. But what’s the theology behind it? Hear how these devotions to love are especially needed now. Then Bishop has a rousing call to the graduating class of 2020…encouraging them to always be ready to explain and defend the Catholic faith BUT in a way that’s gentle and reverent. The show ends with Bishop answering listener-submitted questions on how Bishops are chosen, whether he prefers fishing or hunting, and more. To submit your question, go to Redeemer-Radio-dot-com-slash-ask-bishop.

Listener-submitted questions:

• With the pandemic and “welcoming new Catholics” at the Pentecost Vigil Mass, the question was asked: Why do we welcome people into the Faith at Easter, when it was Pentecost that the thousands were Baptized and welcomed into the Faith?” The readings of Pentecost also seem to reflect this as the main theme.

• What are some items one should keep in a devotional space at home?

• What do retired priests do? Does the Diocese support them or do they support themselves? Do they still live in rectories?

• Do you know what the Pope’s process is for choosing which priests will become Bishops and where they will go?

• Do you enjoy fishing or hunting?
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