It’s the time of year for priest re-assignments, and on this episode, Bishop explains the changes taking place for several parishes across our Diocese…. as well as how those decisions are made. Then Bishop continues his series on the Matriarchs of the Old Testament…this time, he focuses on Leah and Rachel, the wives of Jacob. It’s quite the story. The show wraps up with Bishop answering listener-submitted questions.


• Do you find it harder to evangelize to those who are indifferent about the faith as opposed to those who are staunchly against it? How can we spread the faith to those who just don’t seem to care about religion?

• Is it appropriate to say an illness is God’s will? Or is it more accurate to say that God is allowing the illness to happen?

• Can you talk about the difference between forgiveness in a relationship versus reconciling a relationship? In other words, I understand the importance of forgiving people who have hurt me, but am I obligated to resume the relationship with that person?

• What are some books you would recommend for a Catholic high school english class?

• If humans are born with an inclination to sin, why are we encouraged to reproduce when it just increases the amount of sin in the world?

• While there is a lot of talk about young adults leaving the Church, I have also noticed a lot of young people who are very passionate about their faith. What can they do to take their faith to the next level?

• Do you think the saints feel emotions in heaven? In other words, do they feel sad when they see family and friends struggling on earth? Or feel happy when they see us succeed?

• If you could choose one saint to be your spiritual advisor, who would it be?
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