On this episode, Bishop talks about the Shroud of Turin and then begins our month-long series on the Matriarchs of the Old Testament…starting with Sarah…the wife of Abraham and a woman of great faith. Afterwards, Bishop answers questions from listeners on topics including: illegal immigrants, how we can improve our reverence during Mass, the root causes of the child abuse scandals, and how to negotiate living as a Catholic in a culture of instant gratification.

Questions from listeners:

What is a Catholic person’s responsibility when dealing with known illegal immigrants?

How do we best deal with same-sex marriage and transgenderism in our society?

What is one thing we can do to improve our reverence during Mass? What is one thing we can stop doing to improve our reverence during Mass?
What do you think is the root cause of the child abuse scandals in our Church?

We live in a culture of instant gratification. This seems to be in direct conflict with the process/journey associated with the Catholic faith. How do we reconcile the two?

In the gospel where Jesus says we cannot serve both God and mammon, why don’t they translate with a more common language term than mammon?
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