On this episode, Bishop breaks down one of the most well-known Bible passages: John 3-16. Then it’s on to the feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist, and listener-submitted questions!

Listener Submitted questions:

• My vote is to agree with St. Robert Bellarmine. My reasoning is that we are taught that purgatory purifies one of any remaining inordinate self-love and also that one gains no merit by what one does or endures in that state. Therefore, it would seem that interceding for others without any personal gain or glory from such intercession would be an exercise of charity especially made available to those in purgatory. Further, in the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, our Lord Himself might be understood as implying the possibility of one who has died but is not in heaven interceding for others, as the rich man interceded for his brothers.

• I found a Rosary used by a family member that had 7 decades with 7 beads in each section. It looks to be quite worn so I feel he used it a lot. What kind of rosary might this be?

• In the Gospel’s description of the Resurrection, why did Mary Magadalene think someone stole Christ’s body?

• How is philosophy helpful to religion? (Naturalism, universalism, rationalism, etc.)

• My wife and four of my five children have fallen away from the Catholic Church. What can I do to bring them back?

• Is loving God or renouncing Satan more important?
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