The topic this episode is voting….how should Catholics weigh the issues? What is a well-formed conscience, and how does one develop it? What does “the common good” mean? Bishop explains all this and more.


“I am sorry to ask a political question, but this is something that keeps coming to my mind. I have been hearing in different Catholic radio shows about the recent USCCB meeting in Baltimore and the “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship”. I know abortion is the preeminent issue Catholics need to keep in mind for the upcoming elections, and because of how political parties work in the US, that pretty much tells you which candidate you need to vote for because he is “pro-life”. However, I cannot, in good conscience, vote for that candidate because of the way he has treated and referred continuously to my people. I cannot in good conscience vote for someone who has referred to my husband, father, brother, fellow parishioners and friends as rapists, drug dealers, the worst of the worst, etc; has children in cages separated from their parents who are simply trying to find a better life for their children, has enticed violence against my people, etc. To me, that candidate is against abortion, but is not truly pro life, because someone that truly is pro life defends and respects all of life, not just the unborn.

So my question is, what should people like me do? I have had this conversation with other Hispanic Catholics, and we wonder if we should just not vote or what we should do during the upcoming elections. Thank you Bishop, que Dios le bendiga siempre.”