Bishop talks about Saint Bonaventure, a Franciscan theologian, and Doctor of the Church.

Then, it’s on to the Apostle of the Apostles, Saint Mary Magdalene.

The Catholic Word of the Week returns with the word: “exegesis” and then Bishop gives an update on our diocesan seminarians, new hires for the Diocese, and what he’s currently reading.

– 31:52 – When one receives the gifts from the Holy Spirit, are all of the gifts received at once in full? For example, can someone be strong in understanding and piety, but weak in counsel and fortitude?
– 33:18 – Regarding the gift of tongues, the gospel tells us the apostles spoke and everybody heard them in their native tongue. Today many claim to have the gift, yet nobody can understand what they’re saying. On the other hand, I’ve heard that suddenly knowing a language you have never studied is a sign of demonic possession. So, how do we reconcile this?
– 39:22 – I am a Minister of the Holy Eucharist. If I know someone who comes to me to receive, who is not in full communion with the teachings of the church and expects and insists receiving the Eucharist because of their say “elevated” standing in the community, I consciously cannot give them communion but only a blessing, correct? Thank you for your response, God Bless
– 41:34 – Should Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion be used as an exception rather than the norm? At what point do they become necessary?
– 43:05 – Is it okay to let our daughters become altar servers?
– 44:00 – Can Catholics have a prenuptial agreement going into marriage?

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