On this episode, Bishop talks about Blessed John Henry Newman, evangelization, and his recent trip to China for a conference.

– 30:50 – What do you say to people who say that they get nothing out of the Mass or that it is boring?
– 33:30 – If a priest is asked to “step down” and once a priest always a priest…how does that work? What functions can and can’t they perform? Is there any authority that he must report to?
– 36:12 – Why do some parishes offer wine at Masses while others don’t? Also why do some offer gluten-free hosts while others don’t?
– 41:10 – At the Priesthood Ordination Mass last month, I noticed that right before the Procession began, Fr. Royce dipped his finger into the baptismal font and then gave you some holy water from his finger so you could bless yourself. Why was that?
– 42:05 – Do you have a favorite childhood memory?

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