There are some days I get to my office with a plan for the day, and a clear path to accomplishing everything on that plan.
Then the day happens. An unexpected Zoom call. A malfunctioning equipment issue. An email that went to my spam folder, but should’ve gone to my inbox.
Then a headache and a second or two to take a step back and try and get me back into the swing of things.
The best step I take at that point is to remind myself of God’s Divine Presence in my day, even and especially in the messiness of the unpredictable moments of running a media network. The Lord is faithful to us and delights in our efforts to continue to strive toward His Love. If you get caught up in a ‘bad day’ this week, remember that.
Yours in Christ,
Power In the Name:¬†Building Through Him – Kingdom Builders host¬†Mary Jo Parrish¬†reminds us that there is power in the name of Jesus. He freely gives Himself to us, and all we have to do is call upon His name. He doesn’t want us to solve our problems on our own, but rather takes great joy in helping us untie the knots of our daily lives.
This unique library is helping people smash their stereotypes
The Human Library is an initiative that started out in Denmark, and has been running over the last couple of decades trying to smash stereotypes and preconceived ideas that individuals may have of people. Aleteia takes a look at this new library: