Today we get to celebrate! All Saints Day gives us the opportunity to eat that extra bowl of ice cream, drink a Saintly cocktail, or enjoy any of life’s blessings that you love most.
Another great way to celebrate this feast day is to live saintly! In particular, our diocese has a clear way we can actively participate in saintly ways by welcoming refugees to our area.
As you probably know, we have new neighbors from Afghanistan who made it safely to the US after the harrowing escape from their home country. Regardless of our own personal politics: the Gospel requires us to welcome and care for one another. There are various ways to assist as families learn to navigate daily life in a completely new country.
So let’s do our part and welcome our new neighbors. Catholic Charities is now accepting items that will help these folks feel a little more at home. You can find the list and drop-off information here.
May all the holy men and women in heaven, please pray for us!
Truth in Charity w/ Bishop Rhoades: On this episode, Bishop talks about a special Mass he celebrates every year for those in the law profession as well as those who serve in public office. It’s called the Red Mass. And this year, in his homily, he shares a story about a young Sicilian judge who courageously dealt with Mafia criminal activity in the 1980s and was later assassinated. Hear more about Blessed Rosario Livatino in this episode.
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