I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe it’s September already!
It reminds me of an image I saw when I visited Saint John Paul II’s childhood apartment. On the side of the church that is seen from his kitchen window is a sundial of sorts with the words in Polish that translate to “Time flies, Eternity awaits.”
Such a simple yet profound message. Our journey in time prepares us for our eternal home. How often do I order my life toward things that are passing—work, material comforts, money, entertainment—at the expense of what is eternal: worship, intimacy with loved ones, affirming encounters with strangers?
None of us know when our time will end in this life. Let’s pray for each other that we can all order our lives toward our Lord and loving the eternal person before us because everything else is a means to that end, complete communion with God and each other.
Yours in Christ,
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Sainthood Cause Opened for Polish Catholic Known as ‘Earthly Guardian Angel’ of Auschwitz
The sainthood cause of a Polish Catholic who dedicated herself to helping fellow prisoners at Auschwitz concentration camp has opened. “Risking her own life, she baptized newborns and ministered to people who were seriously ill,” Bishop JeĆŒ noted in the edict.