In today’s Refill:

Happy feast of St. Gregory the Great! Here’s a great set of prayers he wrote to help us reflect on Christ’s Passion: “The Seven Prayers of St. Gregory.” St. Gregory helped establish and promote beautiful music for Mass, so we’re putting together a playlist of our listeners’ favorite hymns. Let us know your favorite, and we’ll add it to the playlist!

Our monthly lesson in art history with Charles and Amanda Shepherd from the Fort Wayne Museum of Art is especially fitting for St. Gregory’s feast day! This month they’re talking about a fascinating painting of The Mass of St. Gregory which depicts the time St. Gregory the Great was saying Mass and an image of the crucified Jesus rose up out of the altar.

Then a new episode of the Ave Explores podcast series on Catholic Family Life featuring Jackie and Bobby Angel – Catholic speakers and musicians and a husband and wife duo extraordinaire. They talked with Katie McGrady about how to keep marriage rooted in friendship, attentiveness to the other’s needs, communication, and a dedication to prayer. Great wisdom for those of us who are married, but really for relationships in general too.

And check out another great article on the Ave Explores website this week called “Holy Pruning.” Catholic working mom Elizabeth Tomlin wrote about how we can recalibrate and prioritize to make sure we’re really living out our vocation in our families during difficult times.