In today’s Refill:

First a new episode of the Ask Christopher West podcast. Christopher and his wife Wendy combine their wisdom to tackle questions dealing with vocation, sexuality, marriage, and the Catholic faith submitted by listeners. In this episode, they talk about what St. Paul meant when he said celibacy is the highest calling and whether married vocations are not as good as religious vocations and more.

And a new episode of the Ave Explores podcast that helps people explore aspects of the Catholic faith from a variety of different angles, looking at topics that are relevant to our daily lives in a fresh, engaging, and practical way. In their latest series about Catholic Family Life, host Katie McGrady and her guests are talking about the beautiful diversity of families and their role in the Church. In this episode, Katie talks to Marcia Lane McGee about how she is finding family in her single life as a foster mother in a group home, in friendships, and with her biological son through an open adoption.

And happy feast of St. Hildegard von Bingen! Here’s some fun modern music inspired by her.