In today’s Refill:

Election day is getting closer and closer and no matter where you stand on any issues or candidates nationally or locally, we all can agree that our country needs prayers. It’s Day 2 of the Novena for Faithful Citizenship.

First, a new episode of CNA Newsroom all about discernment. Two brothers who discerned in different ways but ended up in the same place for their ordination, a woman who discerned the other way than we usually hear about deciding to leave religious life, and a woman who has dedicated herself to encouraging people to never give up discerning their vocations.

And if you want to hear about two brothers in the Diocese of Fort Wayne South Bend who were ordained together, listen to Fr. Terry Coonan tell his story on Flavor of the Week.

And a new episode of Catholicism with My Kid to hear a real father and his real son have a real conversation about the faith together. This time, Kyle Heimann and his son Sebastian are talking about what it means when Jesus tells us to be salt and light.