In today’s Refill:

First, the latest episode of Morning Jolt with Sr. Ignatia Henneberry from the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration continuing the conversation about miracles. If you haven’t been keeping up, they’ve talked about the fact that miracles really do still happen, then why miracles don’t always happen when we want them. This time, they’re talking about why we can’t all perform miracles.

Then we’ll continue Respect Life Month with a beautiful pro-life testimony from Serena and Bruce Dyksen. A little over a year ago, the news broke of George Klopfer’s death, the abortionist who performed abortions in Fort Wayne and South Bend, among other places, for decades. A few days later, we found out he had been storing the remains of over a thousand babies. It was a striking reminder of the devastating consequences of abortion. Serena Dyksen is one of the women who had an abortion performed by George Klopfer. Here’s her story, told with her husband Bruce, about how she suffered but found healing and started a ministry for other post-abortive women.

October continues through the rest of October. Find some beautiful prayers to promote the dignity of life here.