In today’s Refill:

Election day is tomorrow, and no matter where you stand on any issues or candidates nationally or locally, we all can agree that our country needs prayers. It’s Day 8 of the Novena for Faithful Citizenship.

Hear the 4th and final part of the Flavor of the Week series with Fr. Daniel Niezer from St. Vincent de Paul parish in Elkhart. This time Father talks about how we can get serious about evangelization by making our parishes more welcoming.

Then since it’s All Souls Day, we’ll have an episode of Catholic Bytes to help us make sense of the feast with a conversation about purgatory and the holy souls there.

What is All Souls Day?

And for a bonus, here’s a beautiful episode of The Messy Family Podcast. Alicia Hernon shares the story of how she got to spend the last hours with her uncle as he was dying this summer and what a beautiful and inspiring experience it was for her.