In today’s Refill:

Hear about St. Apollinaris, St. Adrian of Canterbury, and St. Gregory of Nyssa, plus how you can celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord with this recipe for “Christ’s Diapers.” In the news, US Catholic bishops respond to the violence at the Capitol and Tucson diocese suspends Masses for a month due to COVID-19. And if you’re looking for some simples ways to move in the right direction as a family this year, here’s “5 Resolutions for Catholic Parents in 2021.”

Fr. Matt Coonan, Fr. Drew Curry, and Fr. Zak Berry give a preview of the readings coming up in this Sunday’s Mass for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

In Ave Spotlight, Karen Barbieri, founder of Pietra Fitness, explains how we can set goals for the new year that focus on faith and fitness.

Hear a quick story about St. Martin de Porres in Saint Stories for Kids.

In this episode of Let Love, Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei, SV and Sr. Marie Veritas, SV speak about the fundamental questions of the human heart: Who am I? Is my life good? Where am I going? and how we can let Love write the story of our lives.

Mike and Alicia talk about how to give parenting advice without judgment, discipline for toddlers, and how to respond to hormonal teenagers while they answer listener questions in this episode of The Messy Family Podcast.

In this episode of Catholic Sprouts, hear about what the story of Hannah and Samuel can teach us about holiness as a family.

In Catholic Art History, Kyle Heimann talks to Charles and Amanda Shepherd about James Tissot and how his conversion changed the way he painted and what he painted.

Liv talks to Anthony Simons about his story filled with family, dreams, sacrifice, and heartbreak in Talk to Me with Liv Harrison.

In Forte Catholic, Taylor and Fr. Anthony Sciarappa look back on 2020, talk about their friendship, and try to come up with a homily on the fly.