In today’s Refill:

Hear about the first native-born American to be canonized, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, some perspective on not taking yourself too seriously with New Years Resolutions, and some ideas for making 2021 a year for holy habits.

In Ave Explores: The Saints series, author Lisa M. Hendey discusses writing children’s books about the lives of the saints and shares advice on how to talk with kids about becoming holy in their everyday lives.

From Abiding Together, hear about living a healthy and integrated physical and spiritual life with special guest Jackie Mulligan of Reform Wellness.

In Ask Christopher West, Christopher and his wife Wendy answer questions about marriage in heaven, whether masturbation could be healthy, and how Theology of the Body could be applied to healthcare.

Sister Ignatia shares her mother’s story of having an abortion and pro-life people can sometimes approach the subject poorly in Morning Jolt.

In Ave Spotlight, Jessica McMillan explores the role of women in ministry and authority in the Church.

Abbot Austin Murphy, OSB and Fr. Conrad discuss the practice of Lectio Divina – how to do it and the many benefits of praying with scripture – in this episode of Catholic Bytes.

In The Gathering Place from Blessed Is She, Jenna & Beth sit down with Father John Burns and talk all about theier stories of suffering and how the Lord is there in all of it.

On Do Something Beautiful, Leah Darrow interviews iconographer Elizabeth Zelasko. Elizabeth shares her journey with art, conversion, and learning to walk away from the plans that she had for the (better!) plans God had for her.

And Anna Laisure reminds us that we don’t need to fear.