In today’s Refill:

Hear about the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope Francis’ general audience about the importance of praying with Scripture, and saints to inspire the pro-life movement.

In CNA Newsroom (airing 7:06-7:33am ET), hear about how Marvel produced several religious-themed comic books, including a comic about the life of Pope St. John Paul II.

In One 2 One (airing 7:39-8:08am ET), Kevin Wells, with guest Fr. Dan Leary, pulls back the curtains to life as a missionary priest tending to the poorest of the poor throughout the world.

In the readings for today (airing 8:08-8:12am ET), hear from Hebrews 10, Psalm 24, and how Jesus tells us not to put a lamp under a basket in Mark 4.

In Letters to Women (airing 8:16-8:49am ET), Veronica Marrinan talks about the origins of Litany, an ethical, sustainable, and Catholic women’s clothing line that she founded.

In Popecast (airing 8:49-7:58am ET), hear about Pope St. John I who navigated some difficult times to become so renowned that the emperor himself prostrated himself at this pope’s feet.

In The Gathering Place (airing 9:03-9:36am ET), hear about how our weakness, tiredness, and limitations can lead us back to the heart of the Father.

In Catholic Bytes (airing 9:38-9:49am ET), Fr. Conrad and Fr. Chris have reached a new level of nerdom in this episode as they discuss this popular work by J. R. R. Tolkein.

In Saint Stories for Kids (airing 9:49-9:56am ET), hear about St. Charles of Sezze who knew how to keep his garden neat and tidy but needy a little advice to get his priorities straight.

In Forte Catholic (airing 10:01-11:00am ET), Taylor and Alice talk about snow, decisions, cussing, and holiness.

In The Counsel of Trent (airing 11:05-11:45), Trent sits down with senior apologist Jimmy Akin to talk about how all of us can become better apologists, both informally in our everyday conversations and formally for those who feel called to do this as a full-time profession.

In The Catholic Man Show (airing 11:48-1pm ET), they continue their discussion of discernment and Fr. Timothy Gallagher’s book The Discernment of Spirits.