In today’s Refill:

Hear about St. Isabel, St. Alexander of Alexandria and the Alexandria martyrs, and Bl. Daniel Brottier, a campaign to get young people involved in religious freedom and the Equality Act passes the House, plus what we can learn from the Stations of the Cross.

In The Sunday Word (airing 7:06-7:16am ET), Fr. Matt Coonan and Fr. Drew Curry give a preview of the readings coming up in this Sunday’s Mass. They discuss how we all have our mission to prepare the way of the Lord and seek our very own “mountain top experience.”

In Ave Spotlight (airing 7:22-7:39am ET), recording artist Sarah Kroger discusses her process of writing worship music and offers advice on how to pray with music during Lent.

In Popecast (airing 7:44-7:57am ET), hear about Pope John VIII, the first assassinated pope.

In the readings for today (airing 7:57-8:03am ET),  hear from Ezekiel, Psalm 130, and Matthew 5.

In Thinking Faith (airing 8:09-8:47am ET), Deacon Eric and Dr. Brett chat about the intersection of faith and mental health. Sharing personal stories, new mental health-based ministries, and the consolations and support our Catholic faith can bring.

In Catholicism with My Kid (airing 8:47-8:58am ET), Frank and Kyle Heimann talk about the time some guys destroyed a roof.

In Pints with Jack (airing 9:01-9:28am ET), Fr. Dwight Longenecker talks about his Screwtape-inspired Lenten books, The Gargoyle Code and Slubgrip Instructs.

In Burrowshire (airing 9:34-10:35am ET), Brandon Vogt and Fr. Blake Britton talk about two of their greatest heroes, G.K. Chesterton and Pope Benedict XVI.

In Following to Lead (airing 10:38-11:23am ET), Mr. Rich Meyer, President of JSerra Catholic High School in San Juan Capistrano, CA talks about his work in Catholic School.

In Church Life Today (airing 11:28-12:00pm ET), Dr. Leonard De Lorenzo talks to Aimee Shelide Mayer about what it really means to love God and our neighbor.