In today’s Refill:

Hear about St. Julian the Hospitaler, St. Catherine de Rici, Bl. Eustochium of Padua, and St. Valentine, plus news about a Catholic Nobel Peace Prize nominee and a message from the bishops of Myanmar, and Pope Francis’ powerful message about how Jesus promises us the best is yet to come.

In The Sunday Word (airing 7:06-7:17am ET), Fr. Matt Coonan and Fr. Drew Curry give a preview of the readings coming up in this Sunday’s Mass. They discuss their experiences in finding the freedom of Christ and how to bring His good news to others.

In Following to Lead (airing 7:23-8:00am ET), Kevin joins the head of Grace Based Families Ministry, Dr. Tim Kimmel, to discuss parenting and the way to create a culture of grace at home.

In the readings for today (airing 8:05-8:10am ET), hear about the Fall from Genesis 3, Psalm 32, and how Jesus cured a deaf man in Mark 7.

In Ave Spotlight (airing 8:10-8:27am ET), Mark Hart shares his own family’s successes and failures and discusses how family life can be fruitful, joyful, and faithful.

In Catholic Bytes (airing 8:33-8:47am ET), hear about subsidiarity and solidarity, two keywords for our present time.

In The Burrowshire Podcast (airing 8:49-9:27am ET), Brandon and Fr. Blake share some of the basic interpretative principles Catholics should use to understand Scripture, including recognizing the genre, using the “four senses,” and reading the Bible from the heart of the Church.

In Pints with Jack (airing 9:33-10:12am ET), Dr. Jason Lepojärvi talks about Uncle Screwtape’s thoughts on love, sex and marriage.

In The Paul George Show (airing 11:00-12:00pm ET), Paul talks about detaching from forehead diamonds, and attaching to Christ instead.