In today’s Daily Refill:

It’s part two of the Flavor of the Week series with Fr. Spenser St. Louis, parochial vicar at St. Michael in Plymouth. This week the conversation turns to his time as a seminarian in Rome and what it was like to go back for most of his first year as a priest.

A timely episode of Catholic Bytes talking about some of the difficulties of social media and how we can make it a place that’s good for our souls. Episode: “Purifying Your Social Media”

Kids get lessons from life from all over the place, but are we doing enough to make sure they’re learning what God has to teach them? We could all use a little encouragement from the Lord to take courage right now, right? Here’s a place to start from Catholic Link “8 Bible Verses That Inspire Kids To Be Brave”

Kingdom Builders ministry for women has been going strong in our diocese for almost 2 years now and is growing to more and more parishes. For the first time they’re going to be hosting a daylong conference on October 3rd with speakers and prayer and Mass with Bishop Rhoades. One of the speakers is Sr. Bethany Madonna, from the  Sisters of Life. This is a clip from her interview with Leah Darrow on the Do Something Beautiful podcast talking about women’s role in the world and how the power of Christ can heal,renew, and transform us. Full episode: “44: Sr. Bethany Madonna”