Truth in Charity – Recent Supreme Court Decisions

There have been several recent Supreme Court decisions that involve the Catholic faith and our religious institutions. Some were good news and some were bad news. We covered two of those decisions on the June 24th episode, but this week Bishop breaks down the rest. ….the decisions covered abortion, contraception coverage offered by employers, Catholic schools, and Blaine Amendments. The show wraps up with Bishop answering questions submitted from listeners on giving our time, talent, and treasure plus a Catholic response to anxiety, whether or not we should capitalize pronouns for God, and more.

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Church Life Today – Rick Garnett (Part 2)

This episode is part two of a two-part discussion focusing on some of the decisions rendered by the Supreme Court in June and July 2020. My guest is again Prof. Rick Garnett of the University of Notre Dame Law school.

Church Life Today – Rick Garnett (Part 2)2020-12-29T10:35:32-05:00

Church Life Today – Rich Garnett (Part 1)

In June and early July 2020, we’ve heard news just about weekly of controversial or at least hotly contested Supreme Court decisions. Maybe you found yourself with strong reactions now again, but you weren’t totally clear about what you were reacting to. What, actually, was at stake in that case and what does the ruling really mean? I have questions like that, too, especially in cases that are of special interest to many Catholics or other religious believers: cases about religious liberty, immigration, healthcare mandates, and abortion law. To help us get better sense for some of these summer 2020 Supreme Court decisions and their ramifications, I’m happy to welcome back Rick Garnett Professor of Law and Concurrent Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame, where he is also the founding director of the Program on Church, State, and Society. I’m your host, Leonard DeLorenzo and this is Church Life Today. This is part one of a two-part interview with Prof. Garnett.

Church Life Today – Rich Garnett (Part 1)2020-12-29T11:36:08-05:00

Truth in Charity – Overcoming Racism

Bishop talks about the social evil of racism in this episode…..including Church teaching and how his time as pastor of an inner-city parish in Harrisburg, PA gave him first-hand experience with practical ways to unite cultures.

Truth in Charity – Overcoming Racism2020-06-24T10:45:19-05:00
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