The Daily Refill – October 5, 2020

In today's Refill: Lot's of wisdom about evangelization! First, a "Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary" about evangelization from Pope Francis' apostolic

The Daily Refill – October 5, 20202020-10-05T05:01:31-05:00

The Holy Ruckus

Josh Moldiz from The Holy Ruckus talks about how the coronavirus lockdowns have affected him and his family and given him a special opportunity to evangelize online.

The Holy Ruckus2021-03-01T11:08:51-05:00

Keeping the Faith with Mother Mary on Social Media

Theresa and Dave Thomas share their own experiences with parenting and keeping the faith in the coronavirus pandemic, plus they tell us about hosting a Facebook group for Catholics dedicated to Mother Mary.

Keeping the Faith with Mother Mary on Social Media2020-04-17T08:48:21-05:00

Church Life Today – Harrison Ayre

The whole idea of social media is to make us more social to connect us, to bring us together. But do our experiences with social media tell us that’s what’s happening? Do we perhaps feel they’re actually instruments of isolation and division? Or on the other hand could social media really become a means of communion? My guest today is Father Harrison Ayre pastor of Holy Family Notre Dame Church in British Columbia who is also the cohost of the wildly popular podcast Clerically Speaking. Father Harrison recently participated in a panel discussion on the topic and friendship, communion and social media.

Church Life Today – Harrison Ayre2021-01-28T16:30:44-05:00
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