Doctor, Doctor – #67 – Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Our very own Dr. Tom McGovern shares his expertise as a MOHS surgery and skin cancer specialist, covering what we need to know about risk, prevention, and treatment during Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Doctor, Doctor – #67 – Skin Cancer Awareness Month2020-02-16T22:32:28-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #20 – Physician Assisted Suicide

Dr. Andrew Mullally, Indiana State Director of the Catholic Medical Association, gives an update on the push for Physician Assisted Suicide in the United States, what the Catholic Church teaches about the practice, and how physicians and patients can advocate for respect of all human dignity.

Doctor, Doctor – #20 – Physician Assisted Suicide2020-02-17T04:02:03-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #18 – Gender Dysphoria

Pediatric Endocrinologist Dr. Paul Hruz discusses gender dysphoria, sometimes called transgenderism, including the latest research, the harm being caused by current medical and cultural approaches to treatment, and what better faithful and scientific treatment might look like.

Doctor, Doctor – #18 – Gender Dysphoria2020-02-17T04:25:30-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #10 – Catholic Witness in Healthcare

Dr. Louise Mitchell (Adjunct Professor at University of Mary) and Dr. John Travaline (Catholic deacon and critical care specialist at Temple University) to talk about their book “Catholic Witness in Health Care: Practicing Medicine in Truth and Love.”

Doctor, Doctor – #10 – Catholic Witness in Healthcare2020-02-17T05:00:05-05:00
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