Doctor, Doctor – #168 – The Power of Expectations: Trisomy 21 and Down’s Syndrome

Feature Interview (6:22) – Psychologist Dr. Robin Lynn Treptow talks about the life-changing effects of how expectations influence outcomes. She shares her own experiences of having a child with Trisomy 21 and how biases regarding the diagnosis made it difficult for her family to help her child thrive, the reality of how children with Trisomy 21 can develop intelligence and skills, and how we can all help overcome the biases that hold these children back.

Doctor, Doctor – #168 – The Power of Expectations: Trisomy 21 and Down’s Syndrome2020-12-30T14:55:52-05:00

Truth in Charity – Consecrated Life

On this episode, Bishop and Kyle talk about an important but sometimes overlooked vocation…those who live a life of consecration to God. What are the different forms of this vocation? How do they work? Hear Bishop explain and give examples from right here in our Diocese. Then…is it ever appropriate for a priest or deacon to address current events in a homily? And the show wraps up with Bishop answering listener-submitted questions on why the Eucharist has to be unleavened bread and more.

Truth in Charity – Consecrated Life2020-07-17T09:47:53-05:00

Church Life Today – Rich Garnett (Part 1)

In June and early July 2020, we’ve heard news just about weekly of controversial or at least hotly contested Supreme Court decisions. Maybe you found yourself with strong reactions now again, but you weren’t totally clear about what you were reacting to. What, actually, was at stake in that case and what does the ruling really mean? I have questions like that, too, especially in cases that are of special interest to many Catholics or other religious believers: cases about religious liberty, immigration, healthcare mandates, and abortion law. To help us get better sense for some of these summer 2020 Supreme Court decisions and their ramifications, I’m happy to welcome back Rick Garnett Professor of Law and Concurrent Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame, where he is also the founding director of the Program on Church, State, and Society. I’m your host, Leonard DeLorenzo and this is Church Life Today. This is part one of a two-part interview with Prof. Garnett.

Church Life Today – Rich Garnett (Part 1)2020-12-29T11:36:08-05:00

Exodus 90 – Should We Make Plans or Follow God?

It’s hard to make plans for the future. It’s even harder to stick to those plans. In this episode of the Exodus 90 Show Nathaniel, James, and Mark discuss future hopes for Exodus Inc. And in the Fervorino, Nathaniel get’s real practical on how we as men ought to prepare for our future. Should we make plans or follow God? Listen in to find out. 

Exodus 90 – Should We Make Plans or Follow God?2020-07-15T14:43:02-05:00

Exodus 90 – What About Your Parents?

Do you love your parents? Are you living that out? Want to know how we can prevent what happened in nursing homes during Covid-19 from ever happening again? Dive into this challenging and controversial episode of the Exodus 90 Show and get ready to be challenged on how you plan for your future. 

Exodus 90 – What About Your Parents?2020-07-15T14:32:48-05:00

Exodus 90 – Get More Out of Physical Exercise

There are plenty of tips and tricks out there on how to get the most out of physical exercise. Just about none of them are talking about these three things. Listen in and find out for yourself. Whether you struggle to get out and exercise or you are training for a marathon, there are three things that you can learn today to get more out of your physical exercise. 

Exodus 90 – Get More Out of Physical Exercise2020-07-15T14:08:44-05:00

Exodus 90 – Let’s Talk About Money

Money, Money, Money. In this episode we talk about Money. We discuss the details of tithing and how it differs from charitable giving. We cover how we must relate to God in regards to Money. Then we get direct about what our next steps as just men must be. 

Exodus 90 – Let’s Talk About Money2020-12-18T09:00:48-05:00

Exodus 90 – How to Value Your Family—or Future Family—Way More.

Whether you are single or married, as men today, we live our lives like our family, or future family, isn’t worth nearly as much as they are. It’s time to increase how much we value them. In this episode we look at exactly how we can do it.

Exodus 90 – How to Value Your Family—or Future Family—Way More.2020-07-15T13:44:18-05:00
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