Doctor, Doctor – #75 – Healing the Opioid Crisis

In this second part in their series on the opioid crisis, Drs. McGovern and Mullally talk with psychiatrist Dr. Cynthia Hunt who is responsible for the Catholic Medical Association’s Substance Abuse Task Force. She discusses clinical aspects of substance abuse disorder, the mental and spiritual effects of addiction, and how treatment can give hope.

Doctor, Doctor – #75 – Healing the Opioid Crisis2020-02-14T20:14:14-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #25 – Stem Cell Research

Dr. Alan Moy, the Founder and Scientific Director of the John Paul II Medical Research Institute, discusses stem cells: what they are, how they are used or misused, and what they promise for the future of medicine.

Doctor, Doctor – #25 – Stem Cell Research2020-02-17T03:40:22-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #7 – Ethics of Vaccines

St. Louis Pediatrician Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann discusses the importance of vaccinations, ethical concerns behind some types of vaccinations, how to know which vaccinations you should get for your family, and how you can talk to your doctor about the best options for keeping your family healthy

Doctor, Doctor – #7 – Ethics of Vaccines2020-02-17T05:12:46-05:00
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