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Were there long-term consequences for Mary who carried the Son of God in her womb? We can actually say something about this not just theologically, but indeed medically. We are eventually going to talk about that on today’s show, after talking about the stunning connections between a mother and her unborn child, the role of religion and spirituality in health care, and the training of medical professionals today.

Church Life Today – Kristin Collier2021-01-29T13:31:14-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #18 – Gender Dysphoria

Pediatric Endocrinologist Dr. Paul Hruz discusses gender dysphoria, sometimes called transgenderism, including the latest research, the harm being caused by current medical and cultural approaches to treatment, and what better faithful and scientific treatment might look like.

Doctor, Doctor – #18 – Gender Dysphoria2020-02-17T04:25:30-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #12 – Antoher Doctor at Calvary Pt. 2

Our own Dr. Tom McGovern discusses the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ from a medical perspective using historical records and modern medical knowledge. In this second of two parts, Dr. McGovern focuses on the Way of the Cross and Jesus’ death by crucifixion.

Doctor, Doctor – #12 – Antoher Doctor at Calvary Pt. 22020-02-17T04:50:04-05:00
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