Church Life Today – Elisabeth Sullivan

The executive director of this Institute, Elisabeth Sullivan, talks about how the holistic model for Catholic education, that developed over two millennia, has been replaced over the course of just a few decades.

Church Life Today – Elisabeth Sullivan2020-12-30T10:34:14-05:00

Church Life Today – Bishop Frank Caggiano

Bishop Frank Caggiano came to the University of Notre Dame to deliver a major presentation about promoting co-responsibility between the laity and clergy for the mission of the church.

Church Life Today – Bishop Frank Caggiano2020-12-31T09:47:47-05:00

Church Life Today – Richard Garnett

Professor Richard W. Garnett teaches and writes about the freedoms of speech, association, and religion and constitutional law more generally.

Church Life Today – Richard Garnett2021-01-05T13:42:19-05:00

Church Life Today – Carolyn Pirtle

The beauty and challenge of Advent is to make room for Christ. We are called to be intentional with our time and to create intentional spaces that open us to his coming. On today’s show, we will explore traditional Advent practices of time and space with my friend and colleague, Carolyn Pirtle.

Church Life Today – Carolyn Pirtle2021-01-26T10:08:41-05:00
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