Truth in Charity – An Apparition or Not?

Have you ever wondered about the process that authenticates an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary? Makes it worthy of public devotion? On this episode, Bishop talks about an alleged apparition that happened in our diocese.

Truth in Charity – An Apparition or Not?2020-06-03T11:30:22-04:00

Church Life Today – Kristin Collier

Were there long-term consequences for Mary who carried the Son of God in her womb? We can actually say something about this not just theologically, but indeed medically. We are eventually going to talk about that on today’s show, after talking about the stunning connections between a mother and her unborn child, the role of religion and spirituality in health care, and the training of medical professionals today.

Church Life Today – Kristin Collier2021-01-29T13:31:14-05:00

Church Life Today – Dr. John Cavadini : Marian Processions and May Crowning

Leonard DeLorenzo is joined today by Dr. John Cavadini, Director of the McGrath Institute for Church Life and professor of theology at Notre Dame. He's here to talk with us about the tradition of Marian Processions and May Crownings, because he and the McGrath Institute are hosting one that you're invited to next Saturday, May 4th at 10:30 a.m. beginning at Notre Dame's Grotto.

Church Life Today – Dr. John Cavadini : Marian Processions and May Crowning2020-06-05T08:51:38-04:00
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