Doctor, Doctor – #94 – The Most Needed Doctor in the World

Dr. Tom Catena is a missionary family physician and general surgeon serving over 1 million people in the war-torn regions of Sudan. He talks about how he decided to dedicate his life to medical mission work, what it’s like working in a remote part of a country ravaged by war, how he finds fulfillment in his work despite the difficulties.

Doctor, Doctor – #94 – The Most Needed Doctor in the World2020-02-14T07:34:14-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #36 – Weight Loss Myths

Dr. David Usher, a family physician and diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine talks about the latest in weight loss research and science and dispels some myths about the best and worst approaches to losing weight.

Doctor, Doctor – #36 – Weight Loss Myths2020-02-17T02:33:00-05:00
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